How bad is the Replication Crisis?

How bad is the Replication Crisis?

May 08, 2019    

The so-called Replication Crisis has plagued all areas of academia, and especially psychology, in the last few decades. The astonishing number of studies published in peer-reviewed journals that are later found not to be repeatable is a violation of one of the core tenets of the scientific method. Joining us on this episode is Ood Gallifrey of the Occultae Veritatis podcast to discuss: exactly how bad is this crisis? What started it? What can be done to fix it? (And of course many side tangents where we geek out about space and Richard Feynman.)

Check out the paper from Nature that set out to replicate other studies here, the paper about falsifying studies here, and the paper about ESP here.

For a popular news story, check out the Vox article here.

Definitely recommend reading Richard Feynman’s 1974 Cal Tech commencement speech here as well.

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