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What is Paper Boys?

There’s a problem with science news today. Headline claims are too good to be true, results are shared without nuance, and stories can flat-out misinform readers. Of course, not all sources are bad, but how are you supposed to sort out the real science from bunk?

On Paper Boys, we dive into the actual journal papers behind these science headlines, breaking down complicated topics and calling out misinformation in the media. We cut out the middleman and give you the hard science as understood by two actual scientists. Paper Boys is the closest you can get to reading science papers yourself.

Who are the Paper Boys?

James and Charlie
James (left) and Charlie (right) about to climb Ruth Mountain.

Charlie is a PhD student studying plasma physics and aerospace engineering. His research is aimed at using plasma as a propellant in rockets and as a tool for slowing satellites down when travelling to other planets. A true space nerd, he got into this field out of a passion for exploring the solar system. His spirit animal is the Curiosity rover.

James is a PhD student in electrical engineering with a concentration in wireless communication systems and neural engineering. He’s passionate about research that expands our understanding of the universe and our place within it. His focus is on new architectures for embedded wireless electronics to enable smaller, lighter, and lower power sensor systems for extreme environments like outer space and the brain. Favorite spacecraft? Voyager I and II (call him old fashioned).

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