Paper Boys

Episode 16

Can you prove you're human in one word?

A new "minimal Turing test" is harder to beat than you think.

Hypothetical scenario: you and a robot are before a judge who cannot see you. You each must pick one word from the english dictionary to give to the judge. Based on these two words, the judge will decide who is human, and who is the robot. The catch–the one deemed a robot is executed. What one word do you choose? James brings in a fascinating paper on the Turing Test (a famous computer science thought experiment) and a completely new paradigm for thinking of artificial intelligence…and tune in to find out the disgusting word Charlie picked!

Grad Student Highlight: Megan Raden (@psych.and.coding) shares her research on cognitive science!

Check out the “Minimal Turing Test” paper here and the Verge article here.

Curious about the Botnik keyboards? You can find them here

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