Paper Boys

Episode 39

Are moonquakes reshaping the Moon?

There's been renewed interest in the moon, but what do we still have left to learn about it?

When people think of the moon, they often envision it as a cold, static planet. However, when the Apollo moon missions landed on the moon’s surface, they were actually able to record seismic activity dubbed “moon quakes.” These findings suggested our cold, dusty neighbor was more geologically active than expected, but it was only recently that scientists were able to link these past seismic recordings to actual fault lines observed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter since its launch in 2009. This week, Charlie dives into new research about the moon to discuss the interesting science as well as the recent media reports about Jeff Bezos, NASA, and SpaceIL’s intents to return us to the lunar surface.

Check out the paper in Nature Geosciences here and the National Geographic article here.

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